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SAR Academy 4th Grade Navi Play

Lights! Camera! Action! The SAR Academy fourth graders were absolutely amazing in the 4th Grade Navi Play. Parents, grandparents, and teachers joined together to enjoy the creative and exciting performance. Each class staged highlights from the stories of the Torah, from the story of Yoseph through the moment that Yehoshua was appointed as the new leader of B’nei Yisrael. The students presented original skits and sang songs using popular tunes to tell the story of B’nei Yisrael’s journey–all in Ivrit! The students’ excitement for their upcoming study of Navi was apparent as they proudly accepted their Sefer Yehoshua from Principal Rabbi Krauss and Lower School Judaic Studies Associate Principal Morah Sarah. We hope that the passion that the fourth graders feel towards starting to learn Navi should last a lifetime. We all wish them success as they begin their journey of learning Navi! Kol Hakavod for a fabulous show!