Kfar Aza Awareness Campaign

March 11-18, 2024

Amplifying the Kfar Aza Story
of Survival and Courage

March 11-18, 2024

The Ades Family
is just one of 340 Kfar Aza households now bearing the burden of evacuation and great financial distress after already surviving unimaginable atrocities
on October 7th. 

They are now refugees in their own country.
Hear their story of courage and resilience in the face of great loss and destruction.

Our Kfar Aza Connection

Meet the Ades Family

When we met Amit and Tomer during the SAR Solidarity Mission to Israel in November, their story of courage profoundly touched us. After surviving unimaginable atrocities as terrorists besieged and destroyed their home, murdering their neighbors and loved ones, they are now refugees in their own country. It quickly became clear to us that it was important that we help them, not only in amplifying their story of survival, which only began October 7th, but also in supporting them in their current plight as just one of 7,000 displaced households facing significant financial distress and an uncertain future.

Upcoming Events

Telling their story

SAR Israel Solidarity Mission (November 2023)

SAR Israel Solidarity Mission (November 2023)

Kfar Aza

SAR Community Visits Kfar Aza (February 2024)

Kfar Aza (February 2024)

We come from SAR, a school that encouraged creativity, taught us humility and to own and mold our own Jewish identity
Rebecca Sichel, Alumni 2013
After having spent eight years there, one can confidently say that he or she received an outstanding Jewish education.
Liana Katz

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A Letter from the Principal

Dear Friend,
Learning that takes place at SAR is predicated on the understanding that all children possess a divine spark, that they all have a unique contribution to make to this world, and that they will perform their best when they are joyfully engaged as active and confident learners. SAR’s open architecture, both physical and philosophical, promotes open thinking, boundless energy, and a warmth that radiates.

Our students feel confident about themselves, about their questions, and about their achievements, both academic and social. Their confidence, in turn, transforms their schooling from a passive understanding to living ownership of the work and learning they enjoy every day.

We emphasize relationships, in which all members of the school, students and faculty alike, interact in ways that reflect respect, collaboration, and a shared commitment to Torah and mitzvot.

Here we live Judaism. We care for one another and for our school community, and we accept our responsibilities as world citizens as we challenge each other to grow every day. We invite you to come and experience SAR for yourself, and observe our commitment to helping students move beyond their comfortable limits as they grow as learners and human beings.

Rabbi Binyamin Krauss
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A Letter from the Principals

Dear Friend,
Upon walking through the open air spaces of SAR High School, one immediately senses the warmth, vibrancy and inspiration that permeate the building. One is greeted by smiling faces, students happy to come each day to learn Torah and general studies with teachers, administration and staff who love, respect and care for them deeply. The spirit of inquiry and exploration is infectious. The SAR High School environment is one that promotes deep learning and growth along with a spirit of joy, respect and care for each other.

We are so proud to be a mission driven, coeducational Modern Orthodox yeshiva high school. SAR High School is committed to creating a community of learners dedicated to shaping thoughtful and caring young men and women with a deep commitment to Torah and mitzvot as well as a deep concern for the world around them. At SAR, we believe that Torah shapes how we see the world and how we see the world informs our understanding of Torah. A spirit of critical inquiry merges with profound respect and dedication for halakhic practice and Jewish values.

Advisory, Beit Midrash fellows, grade meetings, shabbatonim – and a rich array of curricular and co-curricular programming – provide students with many opportunities to find their voice and explore their passions and talents outside the classroom. SAR High School is committed to helping students move beyond their comfortable limits as they grow as learners and human beings.

We hope that you enjoy visiting our website. Better yet, come visit us. We look forward to welcoming you in person to SAR High School.

B’virchat kol tuv,
Rabbi Tully Harcsztark and Rabbi Jonathan Kroll