SAR High School fosters a climate of active learning in which each
student is a producer as well as a consumer of knowledge.

  • Judaic Studies

    Judaic Studies聽聽

    转讜专讛 learning at SAR involves an authentic engagement between the student and Torah in which the student views him or herself as part of a community that has been interpreting and living according to these texts for centuries. The 诪住讻转讜转 讙诪专讗 and 住驻专讬 转谞鈥溩 we study are chosen because of their ability to convey key fundamental knowledge and skills as well as raise essential questions relevant to students. 讙诪专讗 is studied with a unique integration of traditional interpretation of Talmudic debates and reflection on the issues the 讙诪专讗 raises for our lives. 转谞鈥溩 study is grounded in a deep understanding of the literary structure of the 驻砖讟 , enabling students to 鈥渙wn鈥 and enter the discussions of traditional 诪驻专砖讬诐.

    Beit Midrash and Vaad:

    Beit Midrash is a course of study designed to expand and deepen religious practice, focusing students鈥 individual and collective attention on Jewish sources that are manifest in their daily lives.聽 Its purpose is to improve the religious lives of our students and our school one mitzvah at a time.聽 In 11th grade, our Vaad Program offers students three 2 month elective Judaic Studies courses, including 鈥 The State of Israel in Halakha鈥, 鈥淒eveloping a Meaningful Connection to Tefillah,鈥 and 鈥淯nderstanding Olam Haba.鈥澛

  • General Studies

    The General Studies program is committed to providing all students with a firm foundation at an appropriate level of challenge in the fields of English, History, Mathematics, Science, Foreign Language, Social Sciences, the Fine Arts, and Design Engineering. We are committed to each student鈥檚 growth as a self-directed learner, collaborative worker and responsible citizen.

    Our goal is to create well-rounded and literate citizens of the 21st century as well as lifelong learners.

    Exposure Electives

    The Electives Exposure Program aims to give students a broad introduction to elective offerings in the 9th grade, after which students can continue to pursue deeper study of their chosen elective in 10th grade and beyond. Over four quarters in 9th grade, students have a chance to study World Language, Design Engineering, Studio Art, and Music.聽

    • World Languges: The Arabic, French and Spanish programs emphasize communication, reading, comprehension, self- expression, and cultural knowledge. We come to appreciate the diversity of human achievement by exploring languages and the civilizations they embody. Language study expands horizons, lays down new cognitive connections and teaches and rewards close attention. Students benefit from reading primary sources in the original languages, from comparing these languages to English and Hebrew, and from increased awareness of how words make meaning. Art, music, and culturally-themed events are all part of the world language program.
    • Fine & Performing Arts: Students are exposed to Fine Art and Music in 9th grade, taking each course five days a week for a quarter.聽 In the 10th grade, students select a course to pursue deeper study either in the Fine Arts, Music, Design Engineering or World Language. Students in grade eleven can choose from a number of semester-long arts electives. Seniors may take AP Music Theory, AP Studio Art or Intermediate Studio Art.
    • Design Engineering 鈥淭he ideal engineer is a composite … He is not a scientist, he is not a mathematician, he is not a sociologist or a writer but he may use the knowledge and techniques of any or all of these disciplines in solving engineering problems.鈥 鈥 N. W. Dougherty聽 Students gain an understanding of the design engineering process, computer science and coding, electrical and mechanical engineering, as well as develop their expertise with the laser cutter and 3d printer.

  • Athletics

    Our athletics program emphasizes the importance of physical fitness and health, and the appreciation of our bodies as tzelem elokim 鈥 created in the image of God. While fitness activities encourage exercise, personal responsibility and hygiene, team sports foster group skills and a healthy spirit of competition. Team offerings include basketball, hockey, volleyball, softball, soccer, tennis, baseball, and track. We also offer an intramural sports program in basketball, hockey and soccer so that all students can enjoy the excitement of athletic participation.

  • Co-curricular

    SAR High School values the development of the whole person, and therefore recognizes the importance of a rich co-curricular program.聽 These activities enable students to nurture their strengths and interests, as well as discover new talents and passions.聽 Often conceived and created by students and guided by faculty members, co-curriculars range from academic and 转讜专讛 鈥 based competitions and publications to the fine and performing arts, 讞住讚 and athletics.聽 The co-curricular program has something for everyone.

  • Chesed
    The Chesed Program at SAR High School is designed for students to engage in hands-on service, as well as to become advocates and educators about their experiences. Students are introduced to social service agencies including community arts programming, children’s services in schools and hospitals, serving the homeless and the hungry, working with the developmentally disabled and facilitating Jewish learning. These programs thrive through the students’ creativity, vision and care. The four grade-wide service days engage students at sites that relate the service areas. Students select sites based on personal interest and have the opportunity to work and learn with peers and teachers outside their advisories.
    On a more ongoing basis, each grade participates in service learning related to a specific service area. In the past students have volunteered with various organizations including: Manhattan Childrens Center, The Hostos School, POTS and the KCI Kosher Food Pantry located at SAR High School. In addition to volunteering at the selected agency that year, students learn about the various needs of their site and prepare activities and materials for the volunteer events.
    SAR students create additional service communities聽by participating in chesed initiatives beyond the school day through Cookies for a Cause, Midnight Run, NY Blood Center Drives, Yachad, Self-Help and many more.

Our Mission

SAR High School is a co-educational Modern Orthodox yeshiva, dedicated to shaping thoughtful and caring young men and women with a deep commitment to and as well as a deep concern for the world around them.

Our Mission

SAR High School is a Modern Orthodox co-educational community of learners dedicated to:

  • Recognizing the unique needs and potential of each individual challenging each learner to move beyond his or her comfortable limits
  • Probing and engaging the world with humility and openness to God鈥檚 creations
  • Immersing themselves in a culture of learning and service as participants in the grand conversation between Torah and the world
  • Shaping an environment of discourse and action where mitzvot inspire respect, obligation and aspiration
  • Cultivating a deep respect for and devotion to Medinat Yisrael (the State of Israel

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