The History of SAR Academy & High School

SAR Academy, located in Riverdale, NY, was formed in 1969 through the merger of three Jewish day schools: Salanter Yeshiva, Akiba Hebrew Academy, and the Riverdale Hebrew Day School.

Although distinct in philosophy, consistency, and identity, the three schools combined their resources and talents to create a remarkable modern version of a traditional Modern Orthodox

Jewish day school. Since its formation, SAR Academy has developed and continues to maintain a reputation for innovation and progressive education, infusing the most dynamic educational methods with Jewish values. SAR’s unique open architecture is a reflection of the school’s core values and promotes open thinking, boundless energy, and a warm, inclusive atmosphere. Students engage in an academically rigorous dual curriculum, all through the lens of Torah. The school nurtures in its students the understanding that Torah informs identity in all interactions, and the individual’s place in the world.

SAR High School, located in Riverdale, New York, opened with its freshman class in 2003 on the foundation of SAR Academy, established in 1969. The High School embraces the distinct educational and cultural styles that have become the hallmarks of the SAR experience including: a focus on the special qualities of each student; an environment that supports a vibrant Jewish life; and a rigorous academic program.