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SAR Academy Students & Chummuseria Owner Tomer Ades of Kfar Aza make Hummus for Shabbat

The SAR Academy community has had the unique opportunity to welcome Amit and Tomer Ades, a displaced family from Kfar Aza who survived the attack of October 7. Before they return to Israel, we had the unique opportunity for our students to share with the Ades family and help us in supporting Israel. Tomer, who owns HaHummus Shel Techina,” hummus restaurants in the south and Jerusalem, taught SAR Academy students how to prepare his signature hummus last Friday. Students shared this unique hands-on experience with Tomer and families (who pre-ordered) enjoyed freshly made hummus just in time for Shabbat! Proceeds from the over 300 containers of fresh hummus and pita sold are going to help support the employees of Tomer’s HaHummus Shel Techina restaurant location in Sderot.