About the SAR-Kfar Aza Connection

When we met Amit and Tomer during the SAR Solidarity Mission to Israel in November, their story of courage profoundly touched us. After surviving unimaginable atrocities as terrorists besieged and destroyed their home, murdering their neighbors and loved ones, they are now refugees in their own country. It quickly became clear to us that it was important that we help them, not only in amplifying their story of survival, which only began October 7th, but also in supporting them in their current plight as just one of 7,000 displaced households facing significant financial distress and an uncertain future.

A mere few weeks later, in collaboration with Love-Support and the generosity of members in our community, we had the privilege of bringing Amit and Tomer to New York. By sharing their story of resilience—a story that echoes their once idyllic kibbutz life and the harrowing experience of surviving in their safe room for nearly 40 hours—we were able to contribute significantly to raising crucial funds for the kibbutz’s rebuilding efforts.

The Ades family is now part of the SAR family, and we are committed to help the Kfar Aza community however possible.

Amit and Tomer Ades will be in New York from March 11th to 18th as a continuation of the awareness campaign initiated in December. Click here to learn more.

This campaign has already reached various locations including private homes in Riverdale, New Rochelle, Manhattan, Boca, Hollywood, Miami, Woodmere, Englewood, Teaneck, Great Neck, schools such as SAR, Heschel, NYU, and offices of organizations like Simpson Thatcher and Palantir.

As our community has come together to stand in solidarity with the Ades family and have fostered greater awareness and understanding of their unknown future.


The SAR family has developed deep connections with Amit, Tomer, Ori (7), Shir (who turned 5 on October 8), and Ellie (20 months). Our students had the unique opportunity to learn how to make hummus alongside Tomer who owns the “HaHummus Shel Techina” chain of hummus restaurants and sell 300 containers to raise funds to support the employees of his shuttered hummuseria in Sderot.

We believe the SAR community can significantly contribute to their rebuilding efforts, and we look forward to planning future structured partnership programs. These may involve both financial and non-financial initiatives, such as ongoing fundraising efforts, awareness campaigns, educational and cultural exchanges, skill development programs, or other long-term joint projects that can only enhance and support the resilience of this community.

We believe that by working together, we can make a meaningful and lasting impact.

During midwinter break, a group of 30 SAR students, teachers, and parents visited Kfar Aza, led by our friend and October 7th survivor, Tomer Ades.