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SAR Academy 8th Grade Extended Family Day

During Chanukah, SAR Academy hosted its annual 8th Grade Extended Family Day. 8th graders were joined by family members who traveled from far and wide including Queens, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Costa Rica, Israel, and beyond for this special intergenerational program and meaningful day of learning. Many visitors joined us as well for our daily Tefilot for Israel “On the Steps” to pay together for the welfare of Medinat Yisrael. Following our special daily gathering, guests came together in the middle school area for intergenerational learning. Throughout the day, 8th graders and their guests studied and delved into various lessons tied to Chanukah in their science, Tanach, and English classes. This beautiful program concluded with the 8th graders performing their Shiriya song and showcasing a grade montage. It was wonderful to bring families together and foster unity, something especially crucial during these challenging times.