Admissions Checklist:


September 2024 – Register for our Open House! 

  • Be sure to register to attend the SAR High School Open House. Click here to register.

Sunday, September 22 at 9:30am: SAR High School Open House

  • Join us to experience the many offerings at SAR High School and get to know some of our amazing faculty and students.

October 16: Application Deadline for SAR Academy Students

  • Application deadline for SAR Academy students only. Upon receipt of an application parents and students will be contacted to schedule an interview at SAR High School. SAR Academy students will come to the SAR High School campus for a welcome day in the Spring.

October 28: Application Deadline for All Students!

  • Application deadline for all students.
  • Applications from students who want to transfer into SAR High school from other schools are accepted on a rolling basis, beginning after April 2025.
  • Upon receipt of an application parents and students will be contacted to schedule an interview and a half day visit to experience a school day at SAR High School.


  • Applicants are required to take the Judaic Studies Achievement Test (JSAT), Level 8 prepared by Consortium of Jewish Day Schools.
  • Any questions about registration should be directed to Rabbi Tzvi Daum at [email protected].
  • For more information, please contact Shelley Hill at the JEP at [email protected].

January 17: Scholarship Assistance Deadline

  • If you will be applying for scholarship assistance, please click here. Parents who submit a scholarship application on or before January 17, 2025  will be informed of the committee’s determination when decision letters are mailed.
  • SAR High School will provide scholarship assistance to families who meet application and scholarship assistance deadlines, based on individual need. We seek to ensure that no qualified student is prevented from attending for monetary reasons.
  • The scholarship committee meets on an ongoing basis and reviews applications in the order that they are received. The official deadline to submit an application for financial aid is April 25, 2025.

February 13: Decisions Letter Release Date

  • Decision letters will be sent via email with instructions on next steps.

February 23: Family Decision Deadline

  • Families need to notify SAR High School regarding their decision.

Spring 2025: Placement Exam

  • Enrolled students will be invited to take our Placement Exam in the Spring of 2025.

September 2025: Welcome Class of 2029!