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Supporting the Ginzberg Family

We are grateful for our community’s support of Keren and Eran Ginzberg, integral members of the SAR family. After enduring 36 horrific hours in their saferoom on October 7, Keren and Eran were evacuated from Kibbutz Saad and have since been displaced. Until recently, the Ginzbergs resided in Hotel Nevo in the Dead Sea where they have been instrumental in holding together their kibbutz community in countless ways. Given the incredible challenges of being displaced, Eran and Keren recently decided to return to Riverdale and plan to be here for the remainder of the school year. Their son, Shaked, and daughter and son-in-law, Amit and Daniel, remain in Israel; Shaked and Daniel are both currently serving in the army.

With your generosity, we fulfilled an Amazon order of essential supplies for Shaked’s Sky Rider unit. Eran, who prepared and served our school community delicious and nutritious meals, has initiated an exciting “soups & more” project to generate income during this transitional time.

We invite you to join this WhatsApp group to learn more about his offerings and how to order.