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Shvua Ivrit – שבוע עברית

SAR Academy welcomed students back to school from midwinter break for a special Shvua Ivrit, a schoolwide celebration of the Hebrew language. This annual SAR tradition revolves around the birthday of Eliezer Ben Yehudah, the father of the modern Hebrew language. The building was filled with Ivrit-centric activities and conversation. Special activities included cross-grade Ivrit learning, a pop-up Israeli Cafe, good-word graffiti in Ivrit, Ivrit letter writing to chayalim, and an Ivrit Chidon. Students also created beaded bracelets with inspirational Hebrew phrases, for themselves and Israeli children. During SAR daily Tefilot for Israel “On The Steps”, every morning students sang a different Hebrew song that they learned throughout the year. Then on Friday the student body learned and harmonized the song “Chai” by Ofra Chaza (performed at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1983). Thank you to our incredible faculty and staff for crafting such an inspiring experience. This Shvua Ivrit was especially meaningful as we yearn more than ever to connect with Israel.