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100 Days of School!

We did it! We celebrated THE 100th DAY OF SCHOOL! To mark the occasion, first graders, for example, circulated through stations, each of which prompted the students to think about the idea of 100 in different ways: artistically, in creative writing, mathematically, and with physical exercises. We also counted 100 pieces of snacks and made 100th day necklaces with 100 beads. Many students brought in 100 of various objects, such as pom-poms, baseball cards, and beads. The students worked together to find efficient ways of counting these objects. Some groups grouped them into sets of 5, then counted by 5 up to 100, while others opted to group into sets of 10. The activity was a great way to visualize how 100 can be broken down into smaller numbers and to practice counting in different increments.