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One-Man Play: “October 7” at SAR Academy

Chagai Lober, founder of the Aspaklaria Theater in Jerusalem, presented his one man show “October 7th” at SAR Academy. Originally written during the second intifada, but adapted after the massacre of Simchat Torah, the show deals with the very personal ways families are forever altered by tragedy, and how even the most mundane can be a source of tremendous challenge.

The play was scheduled to debut in Israel on January 7th, but Chagai’s son Yonatan was killed in Gaza on December 25th. For Yonatan’s shloshim commemoration, and with renewed poignance, Chagai went ahead with the performance, and we hosted his first show in the US at SAR.

After the show, and as he came out to address the audience about the history and meaning of it all, his stage manager shouted out to him “Mazal Tov, during the show, your daughter gave birth to a baby girl”. Chagai paused, cried, delivered his words of comfort to us all, and asked us not to leave without committing to living, celebrating, enjoying the things we have, and supporting each other. And then he said to us, “before you leave tonight, please wish me Mazal Tov!”

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