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Commemorating Yom HaShoah As a School Community

SAR Academy commemorated Yom HaShoah as a school community. In the morning students in Grades 3-8 gathered on the steps for a powerful program which began with the sound of the siren and a moment of silence. We were privileged to welcome survivors, children and grandchildren of survivors to light nerot zikaron in memory of the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. Together we recited Tehillim and Kel Maleah for the lives lost and sang Ani Ma’amin and Acheinu in unison – an uplifting moment for all of us. We concluded the program with Hatikvah, transitioning us towards a hopeful future. Throughout the day, students in grades 3-8 had the unique opportunity to hear the personal stories of the Shoah directly from our visitors. The Middle School also participated in a beautiful program which combined singing and text to help remind us of those who perished. Every hour, students and faculty stood in silence to honor and remember the six million as we recited the names of SAR family members who perished in the Holocaust. Thank you to all who participated in our tekes and spoke to our students.