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Learning About Vital Mental Health Intervention in Israel

SAR High School had the pleasure of hosting Etia Dan, the dynamic Founder & CEO of Menifa, the “Leverage for Life” Organization (menifa.org.il). Menifa is committed to equipping children and families across Israel with vital mental health support tools, helping them regain stability and well-being after experiencing trauma or other challenging circumstances. Speaking exclusively in Ivrit, Etia captivated our 9th and 10th Grade Ivrit classes with an engaging discussion focused on the reciprocal nature of giving and receiving. Drawing from real-life stories of high schoolers in Sderot and Yechini, Etia sparked practical brainstorming sessions on how our students could aid evacuee families returning home to the South since October 7th. Etia’s visit left a profound impact, emphasizing the power of empathy and support, and resonating deeply with our school community.