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Adar II at SAR Academy

We welcomed Adar II at SAR Academy with daily activities and events intertwining moments of celebration with opportunities to deepen our connection to Israel.

We celebrated Rosh Chodesh with musical Hallel echoing throughout the building and special chagigot filled with song and dance. Students leaned into the joyous spirit of Adar, dressing up in tutus, ties, silly hats, jerseys, anything but a backpack, school spirit wear, Shabbat attire for “Shabbat Day,” funky socks, and dressed in the spirit of V’Nahafoch Hu on Topsy Turvy Day.

Middle Schoolers enjoyed a spirited Maccabiah as teams blue – תקוה- and white- אחדות – faced off in events centered around the goal of strengthening Jewish pride, connection, and community in creative, fun, and competitive ways. Our 8th graders hosted our annual Purim Carnival for the enjoyment of students schoolwide. 

Among the Adar activities was our 14th annual Power of Words Day, a meaningful day of reflection, activities, and conversations about the importance of shmirat halashon, using our spoken and written words for good, and understanding that words can hurt and words can heal. This day is inspired by Matt Fenster, z”l, an SAR parent who challenged us, as he fought great illness, to join him in avoiding lashon hara. Many thanks to Dr. Jennifer Fenster for her beautiful and inspiring talks with our students, as well as for her role in organizing the Power of Words Day’s events.

On Ta’anit Esther, Middle Student students had the opportunity to participate in the mitzvah of זכר למחצית השקל. Students brought in $1.50 to commemorate the time of the Beit Hamikdash, when every member of Am Yisrael would give a half shekel, which would go towards the korbanot that were brought on behalf of everyone. The symbolism is that only together we are complete, joining together with the זכר למחצית השקל, responding to Haman, and uniting as a nation.

The Adar celebration culminated on Purim when members of our schoolwide community joined us in school for tefillah, tehillim, and megillah readings by our students.

This year, in honor of our chayalim, hostages, displaced families, and those in need in Israel, all proceeds from our Parent Association Faculty Mishloach Manot initiative will be donated, in honor of our faculty, to support causes in Israel. Our community also raised funds for various causes in Israel including Latet, Connections Israel, and locally supported Congregations Sons of Israel in the Bronx.

Our school community’s unwavering focus on Medinat Yisrael continues to shape our daily actions, as well as our tefilot for the return of our hostages and the bravery of our chayalim.