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Welcoming Our Grands to the ELC

On Shushan Purim SAR Academy welcomed ELC grands to school for the first-ever “Join the Joy ELC Grandparents Day!” ELC grandparents, grand-aunts, and grand-uncles joined us for this heartwarming celebration and embraced the joy of Purim together with our ELC students. Students arrived at school in festive Purim ruach, dressed up as their favorite characters, animals, professions, and more! During the event, our students and “grands” were enchanted by a delightful Hebrew play recounting the story of Purim, filled with exciting characters, colorful costumes, and captivating storytelling, presented in Ivrit by our very own ELC Hebrew immersion teachers. Together, we danced, sang, and enjoyed delicious hamantashen as we created beautiful memories. Thank you to our incredible ELC faculty for creating such a special program. Thank you also to the many family members who joined, bringing tremendous joy with their presence!