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Welcoming Chayalim & Hearing Their Story

Reservists from Tzahal’s Egoz special forces unit joined us on the Academy steps for tehillim and then spoke with students in middle school and high school about their recent war experiences and the sense of unity they feel. Yuval and Evyatar, expressed gratitude to our students stating that they, just like our chayalim, are serving in miluim (army reserves) and that our students have stepped up for Israel in their own ways.

They thanked us for our support, especially the heartfelt letters hung at their base entrance which they likened to protective mezuzot, reminding them of their mission. One shared his ritual of tefillah before battle, finding strength in the Shema and tehillim. When asked how we can help from America, their response was unequivocal: to continue praying. They assured us that our tefilot are reaching the battlefield, offering comfort and chizuk to those who need it at this time.