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SAR Academy 4th Grade Hands-On History Day

The SAR Academy fourth grade excitedly celebrated Hands-On History Day. Over this past month, the students have been learning about life in early America, culminating in a morning of songs, workshops, and fun. Parents and special guests filled the gym as the children marched in and sang an old folk tune called, “When I First Came To This Land.” Once settled with their parents, the children shared their beautiful and meticulously crafted scrapbooks showing off their newly acquired knowledge and appreciation for life in the 17th and 18th centuries. 

Then it was time for the “hands-on” part of Hands on History Day! What fun it was partaking in so many crafts and activities – butter churning, writing with a quill pen and ink, grinding spices, making a humming toy called a whirlygigs, weaving baskets, and pickling cucumbers!

As the students continue to engage in their first year of learning history, this day will surely leave an impression!