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SAR Academy 2nd Grade Chumash Play

SAR Academy’s Kita Bet celebrated their Kabalat HaChumash with a Chumash Play! The excitement in the air was palpable as students sang, performed hand motions, and spoke in Hebrew about the Torah. The children’s beautiful performance was accompanied by a display of their Briat HaOlam books that each student worked hard on throughout their studies of Bereishit Perek Aleph.

Each student received a surprise inside their Chumashim, a personalized bracha from their parents about their future Torah study.

This year the beautiful song “Ko Amar” was added to the setlist. Its words come from Yirmiyahu 2:2, and it contains a prophecy that Hashem will always stay with Am Yisrael because of their blind faith in Hashem while they followed Him through the desert. The hope is that b’zechut the Chumash learning that the students do, Hashem will protect Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael during this challenging time.

Thank you to Rabbi Barry Dov Katz, a community rabbi and sofer, who visited after the play to teach the SAR 2nd graders about safrut. The students are so excited to begin learning from their new Chumashim every day.