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Our seventh grade STEM students continue to work on their ALYN Hospital Design Challenge. After hearing about various challenges that teenage patients are facing due to their current physical disabilities, students chose a project to tackle and solve. Some students are designing a way for a young woman who has muscular dystrophy to apply lipstick independently without use of her arms or hands. Other groups are designing a way for a patient to feed the fish in a tall tank which she can’t reach from her wheelchair. Others are working on a solution for a 16-year-old young man who would like to make himself eggs again without the use of fingers which he lost in a recent accident. The last challenge involves a barrier for the hospital steps to prevent falls yet also encourages patients who are working on building strength to make it to the top of the staircase. Each group has been busy designing and beginning to create a prototype that we will send to the hospital after getting feedback from some local experts.

If you are interested in serving as part of our expert panel, please contact Chaya Fine at [email protected].