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Gan Tziporim Museum of Art

Throughout the year, the children in Gan Tziporim have spent time learning about various artists and their techniques. They learned about the artists’ life and learned some very interesting things as we got to know them: Did you know that Wassily Kandinsky had synesthesia? Did you know that Henri Matisse drew pictures of his grandchildren on the ceiling above his bed with chalk on a stick?

After learning about the artist and examining some of their artwork, students created their own artist-inspired paintings and projects. They used Jackson Pollock’s technique of action painting to create our Yom Ha’atzmaut t-shirts. They used basic lines and primary colors just like Piet Mondrion, to create beautiful Tzedakah boxes. Our students’ vocabulary grew to include terms such as: abstract, kinetic, perspective and more.

To culminate this unit, students created their very own museum for their parents to visit. The children made tickets, ticket booths, detailed maps, signs and more. The museum even had a gift shop! During the event, the children took the roles as ticket sellers, docents, security guards, cashiers and even statues. As the guests walked through the museum, they encountered QR codes with videos of the children describing the artist represented. The event was a huge success!