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6th Grade Gemara Night

The SAR Academy beit midrash roared with learning during our third annual 6th Grade Gemara Night. Parents joined us to learn gemara in chevruta with their children. It was a special night to celebrate the 6th graders’ introduction to gemara learning. This year our beit midrash learning was dedicated to the speedy release of the shvuyim (hostages), the safe return of our chayalim and chayalot, and the ilui neshamot of those we have lost in the war. The night’s learning centered around the origins of tefillah, a topic that the students had learned about this year, and the evening included a game to review the layout of a gemara page and a montage showcasing life in 6th grade at SAR. Each student received a copy of Gemara Mesechet Pesachim which they will learn from next year in 7th grade. The inside cover of each gemara contained a personalized note from each child’s parents. Thank you to Rosh Kehilla Najman and the entire Gemara faculty team for helping to create this inspiring night of learning.