Mission Statement

SAR High School is a Modern Orthodox co-educational community of learners dedicated to:

recognizing the unique needs and potential of each individual challenging each learner to move beyond his or her comfortable limits

probing and engaging the world with humility and openness to God’s creations

immersing themselves in a culture of learning and service as participants in the grand conversation between Torah and the world

shaping an environment of discourse and action where mitzvot inspire respect, obligation and aspiration

cultivating a deep respect for and devotion to Medinat Yisrael (the State of Israel).

In order to shape an environment of discourse and action in which Torah inspires respect, obligation and aspiration, we commit ourselves to teach and create programs which further the following religious educational goals:

שמירת המצות – Halakhic Observance
Make halakhic practice an integral and habitual part of everyday life, in which each student is motivated by commandedness, communal responsibility, and personally meaningful observance.

תלמוד תורה – Torah Study
Foster students’ love of and commitment to studying Torah on a daily basis in an effort to help students discover and explore their unique helek (portion) in Torah learning and participate as members of a millennia-old conversation.

אהבת ה׳ – Relationship with God
Support students in developing a meaningful relationship with Hashem, with an awareness that people connect in a variety of ways – including text study, prayer, music, meditation, etc. – and actively provide opportunities for multiple forms of engagement. 

עם ישראל/ מדינת ישראל – Peoplehood
Cultivate a deep respect for and devotion to the whole of am yisrael (the Jewish people) and medinat yisrael (the State of Israel), such that each student feels responsibility for the betterment of the Jewish people with whom he/she shares a collective history and destiny.   

תיקון המידות – Tikkun Ha-middot
Promote introspection and active engagement in character refinement emerging from a healthy sense of self. Nurture a spirit of giving, kindness, and compassion in which chesed (loving-kindness) and tzedek (social justice) are primary values.   

We aim to empower students to implement these values, ideals, and commitments in the modern world with intellectual integrity, courage, empathy, and an open heart.