SAR Academy Philosophy & Mission

SAR Academy is a Modern Orthodox co-educational day school dedicated to the belief that every child possesses a divine spark, has unique worth as an individual and should be encouraged to achieve according to his or her ability. Our warm environment promotes confidence, creativity and enthusiasm for learning. In our approach to academics, we nurture students to develop intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills and a lifelong love of both Torah and secular studies.

We have created a program committed to excellence in every aspect of our educational goals:

To foster a community of b’nai and b’not torah who demonstrate sensitivity for their peers, respect for their teachers and environment, loyalty to their country, and an appreciation of the differences in others. To advance and develop each student towards a value and mastery of Hebrew language, Judaic Studies, and General Studies. To raise our students’ connection to Hashem (Ahavat Hashem and Yir’at Shamayim), commitment to Talmud Torah, observance of Mitzvot and connection to Medinat Yisrael. To educate by nurturing and challenging each student to reach his or her individual potential.

SAR High School Philosophy & Mission


SAR HS is a coeducational community of learners in which all members of the school, students and faculty alike, interact in ways that reflect respect, collaboration, and a shared commitment to Torah and Mitzvot. All students are empowered to make meaningful choices in their learning and in the life of the school that help them grow as decision makers and responsible citizens. The success of this community relies on the shared practice of a common set of principles, or habits of mind, that continually inform our thinking and behavior. These include tolerance, trust, courage, integrity and concern. Across grades, within the classroom and within each advisory, SAR High School fosters an appreciation of every individual’s unique strengths and an embracing of the importance of the common good. SAR High School is committed to helping students move beyond their comfortable limits as they grow as learners and human beings.

Mission Statement

SAR High School is a Modern Orthodox co-educational community of learners dedicated to: recognizing the unique needs and potential of each individual challenging each learner to move beyond his or her comfortable limits probing and engaging the world with humility and openness to God’s creations immersing themselves in a culture of learning and service as participants in the grand conversation between Torah and the world shaping an environment of discourse and action where mitzvot inspire respect, obligation and aspiration This mission commits us to:

יראת שמים

Students will deepen their love for and commitment to Torah, Mitzvot and our rich heritage of learning. Our graduates will continuously develop their relationship with God, opening themselves to the mystery and wonder of the world.

תורה וחכמה

Students will be devoted to exploring the language, practice and outlook of the two cultures within which they live. Our graduates will dedicate time in their day for Torah study and intellectual inquiry. They will shape Jewish life, create Jewish culture and contribute to the broader society.

מדינת ישראל

The creation of the State of Israel is one of the seminal events in Jewish history. Recognizing the significance of the State and its national institutions, we seek to instill in our students an attachment to the State of Israel and its people as well as a sense of responsibility for their welfare.

אהבת הזולת

Students will cultivate a caring and compassionate disposition and respond to the needs of their school, family, and community. They will develop the skills to work with others toward common goals. Our graduates will act in a spirit of courage and selflessness for social justice and the betterment of Israel

צלם אלוקים

Students will recognize their unique strengths and talents and value the contributions of others. They will demonstrate courage of thought and action. Our graduates will act with honesty and integrity, being true to themselves as individuals.