The Grand Circle

At SAR we are proud of making every member of the family a partner in our student’s educational experience — grandparents are no exception to this philosophy.

SAR is pleased to welcome grandparents and friends throughout the year to share their expertise in the classroom through Enrichment Clusters, participate in events and learning with us through our Adult Education program, and make a true impact on the school by taking part in our Grandparent Giving Circle.

SAR is made richer by your contributions to our community and when you visit, you will feel the excitement that the students feel every day. There is a sense of comfort in knowing that your grandchildren go to school where learning about their heritage and their religion is a core part of the curriculum.

SAR places great value in your involvement as a grandparent. We know that the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren is very special and that children, and the Jewish community, benefit when grandparents are involved in their lives.

Please check the SAR calendar– attend the special milestone events in your grandchild’s life, celebrate with us at community events, and support our programs.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at [email protected].