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The Miracle of Mac-A-Bee

During the first days of Chanukah, SAR High School students took part in one of the most incredible Mac-A-Bee color war competitions ever! 

Mac-a-Bee is a highly anticipated SAR High School staple.  The energy in the building is off the charts, and the multiple layers of experiential learning that take place over the course of Mac-A-Bee are unique and incredible. Watching students’ talents on display, and seeing them unite as a grade and bond with their peers and faculty, is really inspiring.  

This year, breakout happened at the end of a ruach-filled chagiga, where students were caught off guard and delighted by a dance initiated by our Athletic Director Mr. Joffe and Principal Rabbi Harcsztark. The announcement was immediately followed by team meetings, tug-of-war, Chanukah candle lighting, and T-shirt distribution. 

The two days that followed were packed with activities, programs and competitions for everyone. Playing off of this year’s school theme, Middot, students were divided by grade into four teams, each representing one of Rabbi Yisrael Salanter’s 13 middot: Team Anava (9th grade), Team Kavod (10th grade), Team Menucha (11th grade) and Team Emet (12th grade).  After starting off each day learning about the theme, the teams were challenged to produce artwork, songs, videos and cheers about their respective team names. For the artistic among them, there was a lip sync battle, Torah Tik Tok contest, swag and meme design contest, battle of the bands and more. For those who love a good intellectual challenge, highlights included Jeopardy, Escape the Room, a Geography Bee, and a Torah Scavenger Hunt. There were competitions in every sport imaginable from basketball to knee hockey, flag football and tchoukball. There were technology challenges like Mario Kart and Bridge Suspension, chesed opportunities like writing holiday cards to soldiers, and a schoolwide competition known as “The Amazing Race.” There was something for everyone to participate in. 

The Mac-A-Bee experience really brought everyone together. Students and teachers were overcome with emotion as they sang and cheered for their teams. The feeling of excitement that reverberated throughout the building, and the unity felt in the gym at the conclusion of the program with an incredible kumsitz, made this year’s event even more special. It was truly a blessing and miracle for the SAR community.