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Sting Nation Brings the Hype to Annual Sting Night 

Our school spirit was at an all time peak as SAR High school students geared up for one of the highlights of the year – Sting Night. Throughout the week leading up to the big game against Frisch, the feeling of excitement and camaraderie was palpable. Everywhere you looked, there were reminders that this special night was almost here. 

All over Instagram, athletes and their fans brought the spirit, the energy and the drive to win the game and make their school shine. The students prepared for an IG takeover that would get everyone pumped. TV screens around the school showed “Guess the Athlete” quizzes, where students were challenged to match team members with their baby photos, as well as action sports shots taken over the year to get the fans excited for the game. 

Every afternoon after mincha, the student activities team created even more hype for the night by using our tee shirt cannons to launch shirts from the Beit Midrash up to the grade floors for some lucky students to catch.  On the night before the game, the basketball team handed out basketball shaped chocolates and encouraged students to come to Sting Night.  Then finally, the hallowed day arrived.

The halls were a flurry of black and yellow as students and faculty swarmed the hive in Sting Night tee shirts and their favorite Stingwear. When the last class ended, the tailgate party began. Students were lured outside to a Sting Night barbecue and stations in the lobby offered popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cones. Other pump-up activities included face painting, sign making, and a photo booth. 

Following the tailgate party, there was a pep rally in the auditorium where all of the sports teams were showcased and the championship banners from last year were revealed.  Students enjoyed a highlight reel of some of the best plays from the season, and voted on their favorite one. Then finally, it was time for the game.

The gym was packed and electric – ruach was through the roof as Sting Nation took control. The hive was truly a buzzin’.  A hype video introduced the SAR boys varsity basketball team, and the national anthems were performed live by two of our students, Gabrielle Sasson and LIelle Maudi.  Then the game began!  The crowd cheered, screamed, encouraged, and most of all supported their teammates throughout the high scoring game. The broadcast club followed every move with an up-to-the-minute play by play. The athletes blocked, stole, cut, and passed, keeping the crowd on their toes and their opponents on guard. 

Despite their efforts, SAR lost to Frisch, but what mattered most throughout the night was the support and love they felt from their teammates and their fans throughout the game. The students swarmed the court after the game was over and danced in celebration of their team. It was a night to remember and a feeling of pride for the school that will stay with Sting Nation always.