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SARts Showcase at the High School

At SAR High School, it’s not just about what you learn in the classroom. Many students express themselves in other ways, as was evident in the inaugural SARts Showcase featuring many talented students and faculty members. The showcase was part of a new initiative that launched this year called SARts. The goal of SARts is to highlight the Arts already taking place at the school, to expand and deepen the school’s Arts programming, to foster a community of artists, and to integrate the Arts more fully into the culture of SAR.

“Art is an opportunity for people to bring their neshamas out in self expression in a really beautiful way”
Rabbi Naftali Harcsztark, Principal; Dean, Machon Siach

Last week’s event, the first ever SARts Showcase featured an incredible array of talent. Junior Boaz Siegel played the fiddle accompanied by Junior Jamie Sinowitz on piano; Seniors Ella Zmood and Gabi Kronenberg and Sophomore Zeva Gorodischer showed their paintings, sketches and mixed media/digital artwork; Senior Michaelah Hirshon danced ballet; Senior Allison Fuller and Junior Reiut Cohn sang while Rabbi Kenneth Birnbaum accompanied them on the piano, and Former and Current Faculty Members, Mr. Messer played the harmonica and Mr. Wander played the guitar as they both sang along. The artists performed to a packed room of their teachers and peers, infusing the cafeteria and lobby with a vibrant energy in the middle of the school day.

“Participating in the showcase was definitely something out of my comfort zone,” says Gorodischer, “but I’m happy to have had the opportunity to share my work with my classmates.”

“I chose to perform because I wanted to share ballet with people who might not be exposed to it otherwise,” explains Hirshon. “Many students have never seen ballet before, and the mesmerized looks on their faces was so meaningful to see. I’m really happy that I had the opportunity to share my passion for ballet and invite others to appreciate it.”

To create the Showcase from the ground up, Ms. Dorit Katzenelenbogen, SAR’s Director of Arts Engagement, worked closely with the talented, committed, and enthusiastic students of the newly formed SARts Council. In addition to securing the talent for the Showcase, the Council was tasked with collecting, curating, and displaying the artwork; selecting and rehearsing with the various performers; and publicizing the event with fliers, emails, promotional videos and social media posts. 

Their efforts were well rewarded. In addition to attracting a huge crowd, they managed to endearingly captivate the audience.

I think it was an incredible showcase of the talent that this school possesses in all ages and forms, and I really enjoyed watching it.

Junior David Shapiro

“It was a true labor of love,” says Ms. Katzenelenbogen. “We were thrilled and proud to have an amazing turnout and a wonderful showcase where the talents of our students and faculty were shared and appreciated. We look forward to our second Showcase coming next month and to continuing in our mission of elevating the Arts at SAR High School.”