At SAR, we believe in creating a culture and infrastructure of inclusion and are committed to supporting the growth and learning needs of ALL children. Pisgah offers a hybrid approach allowing students to receive the support they need while also allowing for them to be in a general classroom setting. Each Pisgah cohort consists of a small group model of generally no more than five students. A team made up of a Special Education teacher, General Education teacher, Speech Pathologist, Behaviorist, and Occupational Therapist work together to create goals for each individual student. Once goals are set, a schedule is created with a mix of push-in and pull-out remedial services to support the child toward meeting those goals. This methodology allows for strong peer models, access to a rich, robust curriculum, and the intensive support a student may need.

The Pisgah Program Has Two Tracks:

Language-Based Learning Disabilities/Dyslexia Track: For some students, language-based learning disabilities, including dyslexia, interfere with their ability to learn to read and write with ease. 

Sensory Integration and Executive Function Track: For some students, social and emotional learning challenges, including sensory integration and executive function deficits, result in a level of dysregulation that interferes with their ability to reach their potential academically and/or socially.

Pisgah is the Hebrew word for summit, and reflects SAR’s commitment to ensuring that students are given the support they need to climb their own personal mountain and reach their own personal summit in an educationally and socially supportive community environment.


The ARTS are a significant component of SAR’s culture and values. Art classes take place in our magnificent art studio overlooking the Hudson River and Palisades. Our Visual Art program offers challenges in varied media, developed sequentially with technical and interpretive skills increasing at each level. Our defined art courses are led by practicing artists in their individual disciplines. Our Music Department develops students’ ability to identify musical masterworks and various genres, understand basic music theory and music vocabulary, read simple music, engage in instrument study, and participate in musical performance.