General Studies

 The General Studies program is committed to providing all students with a firm foundation and appropriate level of challenge in the fields of English, History, Mathematics, Science, Foreign Language, Social Sciences, Fine Arts, and Design Engineering. We are committed to each student’s growth as a self-directed learner, collaborative worker, and responsible citizen. Our goal is to create well-rounded and literate citizens of the 21st century as well as lifelong learners.

The study of English and History at SAR High School directs students to explore significant themes that are engaging, powerful and relevant. The curriculum is designed to examine the nature of the human condition and the cultural foundations of modern society, and to empower students as agents of change. Meaningful connections across disciplines are made to support an integrated view of knowledge and experience. The goal is for students to not only achieve high levels of skill and literacy but also engage in authentic, productive thinking as explorers of history and culture.

Integrating History, Jewish History and Jewish Identity
As Jews, we are commanded to remember our past. An understanding of our people’s history is essential for forging a strong Jewish Identity in the present. The Jewish History program encompasses two years of integrated World and Jewish History courses in the 9th and 10th grades; the Machshevet Yisrael course in the 11th grade which places central Jewish thinkers and ideas into historical perspective; and the 12th grade Modern Israel course that focuses on the dreams and realities of the modern state of Israel and challenges students to think about their place in the Zionist story.

Mathematics encompasses a wide range of fields including arithmetic, measurement, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and probability. It deals with quantities, shapes and data as well as numerical relationships and operators. But mathematics is more than just a collection of concepts and skills; it is a way of approaching new challenges through describing, investigating, reasoning, visualizing, and problem solving. The skills taught will provide students with not only the basis for continued learning in mathematics, but also a foundation for success in the workplace and for solving problems that arise in all areas of life.

SAR Electives Exposure Program

  • Exposure Electives

    The Electives Exposure Program aims to give students a broad introduction to elective offerings in the 9th grade, after which students can continue to pursue deeper study of their chosen elective in 10th grade and beyond. Over four quarters in 9th grade, students have a chance to study World Language, Design Engineering, Studio Art, and Music. Each department’s 9th grade course offering is described under that department’s course offerings. Students who have learning center support will generally be exempted from most electives and take a twice-a-week fine arts and performing arts class.

  • World Languages

    The Arabic, French and Spanish programs emphasize communication, reading, comprehension, self- expression, and cultural knowledge. We come to appreciate the diversity of human achievement by exploring languages and the civilizations they embody. Language study expands horizons, lays down new cognitive connections and teaches and rewards close attention. Students benefit from reading primary sources in the original languages, from comparing these languages to English and Hebrew,and from increased awareness of how words make meaning. Art, music, and culturally-themed events are all part of the world language program.

  • Fine & Performing Arts

    Students take a full year of Studio Art and Introduction to Music in grades nine and ten, respectively. Students in grade eleven can choose from a number of semester-long arts electives. Seniors may take AP Music Theory, AP Studio Art or Intermediate Studio Art.

Health Class is integrated into the general curriculum at SAR High School during the tenth grade. These classes are designed as mini-lessons that focus on (1) providing teenagers with accurate information with which to make healthy lifestyle choices, (2) creating an open environment in which students feel comfortable asking questions and clarifying their understanding, and (3) exploring the health-related topics from the Modern Orthodox Jewish perspective. Topics covered in Health class include nutrition, sleep, exercise/activity, adolescent development, interpersonal relationships, human sexuality, stress management, emotional health, and the effects of alcohol and drugs.

Throughout the school year, some of the topics covered in the Health curriculum are also addressed in the advisory program and by students’ participation in additional programming, such as special speakers and group activities.

The objective of the Physical Education program is to provide an opportunity for all students to improve their athletic abilities, learn new skills and work toward becoming physically fit individuals. Students learn to work together and support each other in a group environment. Individual help is provided to guide their improvement. This experience takes place in a stimulating and fun atmosphere in which individuals achieve positive feelings about themselves.

Our athletics program emphasizes the importance of physical fitness and health, and the appreciation of our bodies as tzelem elokim – created in the image of God. While fitness activities encourage exercise, personal responsibility and hygiene, team sports foster group skills and a healthy spirit of competition. Team offerings include basketball, hockey, volleyball, softball, soccer, tennis, baseball, and track. We also offer an intramural sports program in basketball, hockey and soccer so that all students can enjoy the excitement of athletic participation.

SAR HIGH SCHOOL IS COMMITTED to serving a diverse student body with a wide range of interests, abilities and learning styles. Our Student Learning Center (SLC) assists students in their academic learning and skill building. Each student who receives SLC support works in a small group setting with a learning specialist. The time is customized to allow each student to receive the support that is most appropriate for their specific needs. Our learning specialists act as a liaison between individual students, their parents, and their teachers. Also our professional team includes school psychologists, who are a resource for the staff and available for students during the school day. All members of our support staff work collaboratively to nurture the growth of each student to become a confident, skilled and successful learner.

Judaic Studies

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