Emphasis on Multiple Perspectives and Habits of Mind.

In focusing on “how to learn” we not only gain a better understanding of תורה ,but also gain lifelong habits of mind. The very nature of the texts we study teach us how to be better thinkers and better people. גמרא learning at SAR thus models the גמרא itself in constantly emphasizing the adoption of multiple perspectives, the importance of proving one’s claims, and tolerance for ambiguity. The ך“תנ program equips students with many lenses through which to view ’ ה דבר . Through study of both traditional פרשנות and literary analysis, students appreciate the expansive possibilities of the text. Exposure to the historical and social realities the תורה addresses helps the Torah come alive.

Internalizing תורה .The texts we study speak to our lives and must become a part of our consciousness. Learning at SAR emphasizes חזרה so that students internalize and “own” the material in a way that moves beyond simple review for a test.