As students venture beyond the walls of SAR High School, they carry with them the values instilled throughout their high school years. We are proud to hear about the positive and important impact our 1,300+ alumni are having on their college campuses and in the various communities they join as young professionals, including in Israel.

Let us know what is on your mind, share updates, simchas and keep us posted on your journey post-SAR!
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In order to facilitate a sense of camaraderie and connection beyond graduation, the SAR Alumni Association coordinates programs to bring alumni together, keep them in communication with each other, and provide opportunities for continued learning and networking. An active social media presence keeps our alumni virtually in touch, serving as the rallying platform for formal and informal reunions and get-togethers. Programs and activities include faculty visits to college campuses, five- and ten-year reunions, Shabbat dinners, educational programs and networking events.

One of the most impressive facts about our alumni is that many of them like to learn with their former faculty. The SAR High School Bogrim Program provides a great opportunity for college age alumni to come back to SAR in the spring for intensive Jewish study. Throughout the year our faculty lead conversational learning programs for our young professional community in NYC, giving them an opportunity to examine themes integral to Modern Orthodoxy.

Our alumni programming continues to evolve as we welcome the creative ideas suggested by our enthusiastic and talented graduates. They continue to have a great impact on the world they are inheriting, infusing it with their own voices, values and vision. We welcome their return to share their accomplishments and to visit with faculty and staff.

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