Guardian Circle, SAR’s major donor program


This academic year, over 1625 students are experiencing the learning, programs and values that make the SAR journey unique and special. Since SAR’s inception, the school has become known for a special warmth, and remarkable אוירה , where Torah values and a strong connection to medinat Yisrael is at the core of all we do. The members of the SAR Guardian Circle, SAR’s major donor program, have made Jewish education, and SAR in particular, a priority in their tzedakah.

It is the commitment and generosity of the Guardian Circle families that has empowered SAR to deliver on its mission and to realize the following goals:

  • To ensure that no child or family is turned away for financial reasons
  • To enable innovative programming that helps to achieve academic excellence and spiritual growth
  • To enhance our guidance and advisory program as necessary, to nimbly respond to the needs of our students
  • To offer the best professional development opportunities available
  • To continue to be thought leaders in areas of importance for the Modern Orthodox community

Inclusive of the SAR Dinner and Shavuot Campaigns and more

Your participation in the Guardian Circle represents your annual philanthropic contribution to SAR. With this one annual gift, your family is included in all SAR annual appeals during the current academic year including our two major fundraising campaigns — the SAR Dinner Campaign and the BEE4SAR Shavuot Appeal. This gift covers sponsorships for grade level programs and special events of your choice. We will send you a comprehensive listing of the programs and you can select the ones for which you would like to be listed as sponsors.

Periodically during the year, you will be invited to special events for our Guardian Circle participants, in-person or virtually.


To make a gift now– whether you are planning to fund the gift now or later this academic year, complete this form.  Gifts can be made by check, wire, credit card, Donor Advised Funds, Foundations, and stock transfers– all welcome.

You can read more here – or contact Heidi Greenbaum, Director of Development.  P: 347.274.3621, M:  347.244.4209 for more information.