HS Letter

Dear Friends,

Upon walking through the open air spaces of SAR High School, one immediately senses the warmth, vibrancy and inspiration that permeate the building. One is greeted by smiling faces, students happy to come each day to learn Torah and general studies with teachers, administration and staff who love, respect and care for them deeply. The spirit of inquiry and exploration is infectious. The SAR High School environment is one that promotes deep learning and growth along with a spirit of joy, respect and care for each other.

We are so proud to be a mission driven, coeducational Modern Orthodox yeshiva high school. SAR High School is committed to creating a community of learners dedicated to shaping thoughtful and caring young men and women with a deep commitment to Torah and mitzvot as well as a deep concern for the world around them. At SAR, we believe that Torah shapes how we see the world and how we see the world informs our understanding of Torah. A spirit of critical inquiry merges with profound respect and dedication for halakhic practice and Jewish values.

Advisory, Beit Midrash fellows, grade meetings, shabbatonim – and a rich array of curricular and co-curricular programming – provide students with many opportunities to find their voice and explore their passions and talents outside the classroom. SAR High School is committed to helping students move beyond their comfortable limits as they grow as learners and human beings.

We hope that you enjoy visiting our website. Better yet, come visit us. We look forward to welcoming you in person to SAR High School.

B’virchat kol tuv,
Rabbi Tully Harcsztark and Rabbi Jonathan Kroll