AC Letter

Dear Friend,

Learning that takes place at SAR is predicated on the understanding that all children possess a divine spark, that they all have a unique contribution to make to this world, and that they will perform their best when they are joyfully engaged as active and confident learners. SAR’s open architecture, both physical and philosophical, promotes open thinking, boundless energy, and a warmth that radiates.

Our students feel confident about themselves, about their questions, and about their achievements, both academic and social. Their confidence, in turn, transforms their schooling from a passive understanding to living ownership of the work and learning they enjoy every day.

We emphasize relationships, in which all members of the school, students and faculty alike, interact in ways that reflect respect, collaboration, and a shared commitment to Torah and mitzvot.

Here we live Judaism. We care for one another and for our school community, and we accept our responsibilities as world citizens as we challenge each other to grow every day. We invite you to come and experience SAR for yourself, and observe our commitment to helping students move beyond their comfortable limits as they grow as learners and human beings.


Rabbi Binyamin Krauss
[email protected]